Swollen Lymph Nodes

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Treatment for swollen lymph nodes

After a diagnosis of swollen lymph nodes has been made, different treatment measures may be used in some cases. Please consider that this page is not to be used as professional medical advice. This is also not a complete list of potential treatments, however, it does aim to cover some of the potential options, either general or based upon particular underlying causes.

Standard treatment

Pain relievers may be given if the swollen lymph nodes are painful. Additionally, some of these may be useful in lowering a fever if one is also presenting as a symptom. Elevation with warm compresses can be used as a treatment method for the swelling.

Immune disorders

Medication may be prescribed in some cases if there is an immune disorder in the patient. HIV is one of the possibilities in this category.

Malignancy / cancer

If there is a form of malignancy in the patient, some of the treatment options for it may include radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. Lymphoma is one form of cancer that has the potential to bring this kind of swelling.


Antiviral or antibiotic medications can be used in some instances to treat viral and bacterial infections in the patient that may have lead to the swollen lymph nodes. For instance, mononucleosis is a viral infection that can lead to enlarged nodes.


Abscesses typically form as a response to an infection. If there is one or more in the patient, draining and follow-up treatment may need to occur.

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